Zeeshan Shah


Meet the talented Zeeshan Shah!
Zeeshan Shah is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She earned her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York. She also holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She helps women build healthy habits by supporting and guiding them to form sustainable, lifelong change through 1:1, group and online programs. She is an advocate for a healthier lifestyle after going through her own health challenges and successfully reversing them through lifestyle shifts and treating food as medicine.
She has worked with doctors to conduct workshops to educate and empower people to prioritize their health. Her South Asian Cooking workshop is extremely popular and was sold out. She has worked with women 1:1 and seen great success such as clarity, increased energy, time management, weight loss and better blood work results. ( TSH levels. ) amongst many others.
She also had recently launched her extremely successful online program 30 Jumpstart http://bit.ly/2H2VttK to transition to healthier habits.
“I would like to tell women especially women over the age of 40 that it is extremely important to be preventive about their health rather than reactive. Take care of your health now so that you won’t be sorry later. We are prone to a host of diseases as we age, osteoporosis, heart disease, thyroid issues and even cancer to name just a few. Chronic illness is at an epidemic proposition and often takes years to manifest. There is no reason why we cannot age gracefully and without aches and pains but we can’t be abusing our bodies and expect to have it serve us as we age.

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