Youth Members

Zara MJones

Institution: Plano West high school
Major: Blogger and young entrepreneur

Zara is a junior at Plano West high school but currently resides in Dallas Texas with her family. In addition to being a full time student, she’s also a lifestyle Blogger and a young entrepreneur. In 2018, she launched #ZestOfLife with Zara, an online experience that allowed her to express and spotlight living your best life! Zara has many talents, but one thing that universally known for is her curls! Her gorgeous, shiny, thick curls which is the reason she’s one of the influential teen #curlgirls in what landed her to become a Global Ambassador and National for cosmetic companies, hair care brands and socially responsible products with active brands like Clean Cosmetics. After landing several endorsements and Ambassador roles, she spotlights local businesses and women of influence and of course food!
She is an avid traveler and has submitted over 100 pieces of content including travel and foodie picks. Zara is a firm believer that you can live a life of happiness full of zest, without compromising your lifestyle or values. 

Instagram: zestoflifewzara

Fatima Arif

Institution: University of Houston
Major: Computer Information System

Fatima Arif, being only fifteen years old, Fatima is currently the youngest member of HPWO. Her aspirations through joining our organization comprise of representing the youth, spreading empowerment towards younger members and expanding her business. Fatima is a young, professional entrepreneur herself with her photography business that she pursues to further develop with the support HPW has to offer. She puts much of her heart within her pictures that she captures memories through. Over this past year, Fatima has covered a number of events as a young photographer and for her this is only the beginning of her business. Here are some moments Fatima captured at the HPW networking event. You can contact and demonstrate your support towards Fatima by: Follow her

Facebook page: @FatimaArif

Habiba Tariq Malik

Institution: University of Houston
Major: Computer Information System

I am so honored to be part of HPW Youth Organization. My motto as Youth member of this organization is to “educate and help other young women” with the support of HPW to believe in themselves, take control of women empowerment and follow their dreams. I am 2019-2020 professional development Pakistan Student Association officer at the University of Houston and perusing my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information System & Minor’s in Business Administration.
I would like to work as a business analyst after my graduation. I have so many goals for myself that I want to achieve in life one by one, like open my business. My hobbies are traveling, crafting, creating unique content, exploring different culture food and much more. I am active on Instagram because I get to interact, meet, learn about amazing people in my community

Sabila Fayyaz

Institution: University of Houston (will be Junior in fall 2019)
Major:           Human Food and Nutrition(ACEND TRACK)

I’m honored to be part of HPWO and to represent youth as it focuses on gathering all professions under one platform and work towards building and support other women, support local women-owned businesses by reaching out to community, and ultimately empower and promote professional careers and services.
Educational goal and interest: I have a great passion to work as a dietician as I have a keen desire to work closely with patient and healing process with food management.
Educational curricular activities: I’m a Vice President of the Student Nutrition Association (SNA) and Director of Community Outreach of Pakistan Student Association (PSA) at the University of Houston for the year 2019-2020.
Hobbies: I love spending time in exploring Houston city, particularly coffee shops, to collect journals and stationery, baking, and to dress up sometimes.

Maria Usmani

Institution:   University of Houston
Major:            Marketing and Management

Maria is a recent graduate from the University of Houston with a degree in Marketing and Management from Bauer College of Business. She is now pursuing her Masters in Human Resources Development. Maria is a product marketing Intern at a fortune 500 startup, Fortive.
She was the Vice President of PSA ( Pakistan Student Association) and this year she is appointed as a President. She has a passion to promote a softer image of Pakistan in the Houston community. She believes in promoting the idea of self-improvement, Professional development among students and young peers.
She is passionate about women empowerment, helping the community, doing the right thing and standing up for others and wants to run an awareness campaign against sexual abuse.

Maha Rasheed

Institution: A&M University
Major:          Sociology

My name is Maha Rasheed and I am a proud graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Sociology class of 2018 from Texas A&M University. My passions and goals reside in the field of Medicine which is why I’ve chosen to complete a Medical Assistant program, in scope to help me pursue my career as a Physician Assistant. I love volunteering at my local masjids, hospitals, and schools, just a way of giving back to my community. My hobbies include reading a good book at cafes, running in the park and painting calligraphies or anything fun as a stress-reliever in my spare time. I am thrilled to be part of the HPWO Youth Team! And I look forward to connecting with powerful and inspirational women around Houston!

Sana Khan

Institution:  University of Houston
Major:           Human Resource Development

My name is Sana Khan and I’m a proud alumni with a Bachelors of Science in Human Resource Development and minored in Supply Chain Logistics from the University of Houston. At an ongoing time, I’m looking for an opening for work that can enable me to prevail in the future. I cherish Volunteering for school organizations, Methodist hospital, and little occasions, only a method for offering back to my community. My diversions are to do peruse articles on fascinating topics, investigate great nourishment around Houston, and simply have a great time with my family and companions.
I’m so honored to be a part of Houston Professional Women Organization because this organization is Enabling youth to comprehend that their voice has an enormous effect in this world and that all thoughts merit investigating will just give them more inspiration and fuel to keep fortifying their own capacity for change.

Maryam Nadeem

Institution:  University of Houston
Major:           Computer Information System

I am Maryam Nadeem. I am pursuing a Bachelors degree in Computer Information System at the University of Houston. Apart from my career interests in software engineering, I also plan to try modeling. My hobbies include dancing, listening to music, photography and so on. I love to explore and visit many scenic places as well. I joined the Houston Professional Women Organization as they believe in Women and Youth empowerment and I am looking forward to working with all professionals
I am looking for internship opportunities in the Information Technology field which includes data management and data processing. I have previous experience in marketing and modeling for makeup brand called Colormax and I am willing to continue my passion for modeling and cosmetics as an internship.