Virginia St. Hilaire


My name is Virginia St. Hilaire and this is the story on how I became an entrepreneur dedicated to health, a healthy lifestyle and longevity. While searching for a remedy for swollen knees, an affliction my husband had endured for many years, I was introduced to a natural supplement that I shall forever use and now endorse, for it works!!! It really works!!! I know. I was skeptical too! Having tried abundant self-remedies I don’t know what compelled me to try this product as well. But I did. And this is when my journey towards promoting a healthy lifestyle began.

I was totally perplexed when I noticed the knee inflammation begin to subside after only using the product for 4 weeks and became fascinated when in less than two months my husband’s inflammation was completely gone. No more braces or pain and I decided to become a distributor! Why a distributor? Simply said, I belief in this product because it works!! I also started using the product myself for my wellness. It has helped my husband; it helps me, and I can personally attest to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

My goal is to master the knowledge and quality of my business, provide educational content on nutrition and share my product and its benefits to everyone looking for a healthy lifestyle. This natural supplement allows my followers to think! Yes, to think before deciding on what is healthy and what is not.

Additionally, this product also comes with a skincare serum and creams that takes care of regenerating the skin. My and consumers are not only benefitted with health within but as importantly an outwardly healthy look and healthy skin. Beauty on the inside as you hydrate and nourish; but additionally, beauty on the outside, as you regenerate your skin and rebel against the radicals of the environment.

Consumers and followers who use the daily natural supplements and the skincare products can give testament on the impact these products provide to their lifestyles. The mind is a powerful thing because when you are healthy, you are happy, and when you are happy, you become empowered. I recommend to everyone to HELP YOUR BODY AND SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Finance and Accounts Management is my area of expertise. After acquiring a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management I gained experience working in Accounts Management in business sectors such as, hospitals, health services, and oil and gas companies. I am very passionate about my work, proficiency, transparency and service both internally and externally. I am a perfectionist by will and have always played a major role in the implementation of accounts systems. My hobby is international travel and learning about the different cultures around the world, particularly the traditional healthy lifestyles abroad. In my time away from the office, I do volunteer work with nonprofit organizations, such as the Caribbean Breast Cancer Foundation,
Afro Caribbean Praise Jam – Freedom2Praise and the Houston Food Bank. I also love to sing, dance and watch my beloved Houston Texans during football season. I connect with all cultures through social networking. Please come and visit me. Let’s talk. I can help you and I am a good listener.
Cell :    (713) 416-5765