The HPWO Experience

Houston Professional Women Organization (HPWO) is a women led powerhouse of professionals consisting of minority-based women that are committed to uniting all women through education, mentorship, business leads, community impact and outreach.

We are dedicated to serving our members, businesses and professionals in the greater Houston and partner cities by creating opportunities for visibility and impact through advocacy, access to leaders, economic development, connectivity and business education

Our purpose is to unify women from all religions, cultures & ethnic backgrounds by empowering and uplifting them to reach their full potential.

The mission of Houston Professional Women’s Organization (HPWO) is to recognize and honor remarkable and powerful women role models in our community. We serve to inform, inspire, and build meaningful, long-term connections with our members. This is the only platform which highlights not only South Asian women but professional women from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

HPWO also oversees Youth & Student Empowerment; a group dedicated to raising young leaders.

  • Empowerment & Education Committed to continuing education, leadership classes, and workshops to enhance our role as Women Leaders. Empowered women, empower women.
  • Awareness & Advocacy Using all available digital and traditional marketing platforms, along with social media to spread content to empower women and carry out our mission.  Digital mediums include: Lifestyle website, private Facebook Community, Podcasts, and Radio segments contributing towards advancement and enhancement of women.
  • Professional Connections & Lead Generation: Committed to increasing profits for our members and supporters by focusing on business leads, services, products and connecting members to Professionals.
  • Healthy Communities & Outreach Services Committed to strengthening the community by serving as an advocate for issues impacting women & families. Our projects consist of combatting Type 1 Diabetes in Pakistan, unity through local outreach services and partnerships with non-profit agencies serving our community.
The Power of Numbers
  • Combined net worth of $80 Million US Dollars
  • Annual buying power of $20 Million US Dollars
  • 40% of our members are active Board Members & Advisory Council Members
  • 60% of our members offer online sales & services nationally
  • 70% of our members are small business owners
  • Over 80% of our members are engaged voters
  • Over 85% of our members are college graduates
  • 95% of members are active in community outreach & advocacy
  • Median Household Income of $475K
  • High member concentration in major US cities: Houston, Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago & Orlando