Tazeen Zahida

Born in Karachi and brought up in Saudi Arabia. Coming from a literary family. Her father Habib Siddiqui was a known poet in Jeddah. Poetry was glorified as the ultimate form of expression, yet she found her voice in play writing. She wrote both in English and Urdu as She did not believe in translating her thoughts. She wrote,directed and acted in many plays in her high school and college days. Shair ki garmi say, Generation Gap, and Kashmir Play were really well received by Jeddah audiences. She continued writing plays in Alkhobar, where she got covered by Arab News after a successful program. She wrote a comic skit (Ranjha meets Juliet) in order to raise funds for the Doctors Association of Riyadh.
She had her skit performed at the Pakistani Consulate Houston and wrote a number of skits for the Indus Arts Council ‘s Chai Shai event . She arranged a free event on August 14 2018 , highlight of the event was Baytbazi, a game of reciting verses that used be the pride and joy of Urdu Poetry enthusiasts around the world.
Her desire to do something meaningful and intellectually beneficial for people, keeps her stimulated.
Her company Tee ZEE Productions was primarily established for Theatrical Productions, but she has plans to conduct workshops and classes for promoting Urdu language and literature.
Tazeen ‘s first independent play “A Rearranged Marriage “ was performed at Stafford Civic Center on Dec 1st 2018. The event was attended by more than 450 people. She was covered by VOA Urdu Service. She has been writing articles in UrduTimes about her American experience.
Tee Zee Productions ‘ next play “Mohabbat Fateh Alam ” is due to be performed at Stafford Civic Centre Sugarland on Dec 1st. “Here is the link to buy the Tickets CLICK HERE

Website: www.teezeeprod.wixsite.com/website
Email: teezeeprod@gmail.com
Contact: (817) 471-5843