Shabnam Modgil

She is best known for bringing communities together through her media platforms in the DFW area.

Originally from New Delhi, the now DFW resident is the CEO of #RadioCaravan, a media outlet that streams shows, topics and news that connects not only the South Asian community but all communities. In 2016, Shabnam was spotlighted by #DallasBusinessJournal as a #MinorityBusinessLeader Honoree sharing her passion for media “We have taken the entertainment industry to a more diverse level. We have mainstream Americans who never had anything to do with any South Asian country now listening to our radio station,” Shabnam says that many of these same listeners have started watching #Bollywood movies and listening to Indian music.

“Community” is a word that Shabnam employs to describe her work, and any project that helps bring the community together is something we should all stand by.

Shabnam received her Master’s in Public Administration and Bachelor’s in Hotel Management. She is a loving wife, mother and mentor to many in the DFW area. Shabnam is a woman that stands firm in her support of others, and it’s the passion of loving people and working with them that she believes led her to the media industry.

When asked what sets her apart as a business leader, Shabnam explained that although she runs a successful business, staying community-oriented brings communities together and it’s not all business stuff, it’s anything and everything we can do for the community, whether it’s bringing people together, providing platforms, igniting radio waves, if we focus on community, then we can get people together. The biggest asset that any business has is the people involved with the business, and here they all are providing such extraordinary diversity, to an extent never seen before.

Shabnam’s strong commitment to the community is deep-rooted in her belief that it’s the responsibility of a community to raise a child and that each and every one of us that’s gained our upbringing from our ancestors, parents, teachers, siblings, friends, and people at large who we let influence us and have an impact on us, is the reason we should always give back.

When asking Shabnam about her philanthropic spark, she passionately described her heart-work as, “It’s our duty to help. Just as our elders made us, the community has a responsibility to stand united and help. We must do all we can to maintain family relations, friendships, memories, and be intentional about returning some of the community services that benefitted us back into the community and in doing so, we will make all our communities, richer, stronger and more vibrant for our generations to come. We stand at the bridge that connects our past to our future, and we have a great responsibility. We have work to do!”