Sajida Ghafoor

My name is Sajida Ghafoor.  I am the founder of US Web Executives, a Houston based software agency.  I am originally from Pakistan, and I moved to the USA in 2003 after getting married.

I have a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Houston and master‘s in Applied Physics from the University of Punjab, Pakistan.  I have more than 10 years of experience as a web developer working with various technology companies.  As a woman, I am always seeking freedom and flexibility in my profession which inspired me to leave a full-time job and start my own enterprise.

In today’s heavily technology-dependent world, there are many small and medium scale businesses having demand for web development services in order to promote their business locally as well as nationally.  I saw an opportunity in catering to developing businesses.

When I founded the US Web Executives, I started my own software agency, and this was the turning point in my life.  I was ready for the new challenges.  The leadership quality within myself helped me to confront the challenges and turned them into my advantages.

I would describe myself as an energetic, ambitious and result-oriented information technology professional. I have worked as a professional web developer and IT Consultant for more than 10 years, which helped me in developing fluency with all modern web development and internet technologies.  I have demonstrated problem-solving and communication skills by designing, developing and supporting the web-based software products.

Personally, I believe that maintaining a career is essential, but family always comes first.  I understand more now than when I first started my business.  I started working, when I used to live in Pakistan, as a teacher in a local college.  In 2004, I got married and moved to the United States and settled in Houston, Texas.  I kept my passion for teaching alive after moving to USA.  I completed my master’s in computer since at the University of Houston Victoria and then started teaching computer science at the same university.

My journey of entrepreneurship began in 2017 when I opened my own small software development company in Houston under the name of “U.S Web Executives”.  At that time, my son was facing some psychological and emotional challenges, and he needed more of my time and attention.  Therefore, I left my dream job in 2017 to help him and my family, but it was so difficult for me to say goodbye to my dreams and my passion.  However, my dreams and my commitment towards achieving success has kept me encouraged to building a successful business.

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