Saima Khan


Meet the most talented Artist of Houston Saima Khan!

Painting and creating art has always given me a way to express myself, my joys, my dreams, and sometimes my sorrows. Paintings can stir emotions and inspire us creatively. They can add layers of depth to a room simply through their colors, shapes and textures. Art is a way of expression, and I strive to portray a different emotion with every custom piece I create.

“I was born to be an Artist”

My fan base is a wonderful mixture of all kinds of people from all over the world. For my Muslim supporters who are familiar with the beautiful history and calligraphy of the Quran, I strive to capture the important lessons and messages of the Quran by incorporating my own style of colorful and abstract calligraphy into my art. I take pride in blending both traditional themes along with my modern style of art to create a truly unique and unforgettable piece for every single one of my clients.

I am based in Houston and my passion is abstract art and Islamic calligraphy. I love making canvas artwork with modern themes. My work also includes large, custom paintings that fit my clients’ desired themes and colors. I have non-stop ideas and a creative mind. I have sold over hundreds of painting all over nationwide and international. I had a successful Exhibitions in Houston downtown and have my paintings displayed in larges skyscraper building of Houston Downtown, Mosque, Resturant, Homes, Office, and many other Commercial places. I also have been part of many fundraising programs for charity events and Donates 20% from each Sale.

Phone: 832-782-7823