Saba Hussain

An Architect by profession, my passion lying in everything creative a photographer, sculptor, interior designer, art collector and an enthusiastic narrative writer. My life has revolved around ingenuity, creativity, and everything ART.
I educated myself in all forms of visual arts, after getting my B.Arch. degree. Self-motivated I explored different mediums moving towards designing furniture as a sculpture form and formed my own company in 2004 from the basement of my home. Moved to H-Town in 2012 & ever since painting images through my lens.
My trained eye can see & look at details; compose, color, highlight, sculpt giving me the extra edge to look at things from a unique perspective. Capture the aura, mood, and character of those I shoot; discovering each new subject and presenting them in a unique persona that they had never seen themselves in before.
My pictures are meant to evoke emotion and speak to the viewer on an individual basis. I edit and retouch my photos myself keeping in mind the true essence of the subject. My forte is fine art portraits and glamour photography with a touch of painterly style.
Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. Remember why you started and find that niche.


Contact:  (832) 301-9456