Rashid Minhas- WINGS87


Wings 87 is just not a “Halal Kitchen” but a celebration of true friendship and commitment. The story of Wings87 started back in 1987 when the owners Rashid Minhas and Nyn Riffat sparked a beautiful friendship in high school. Life had its own ups and down; these high school soulmates were separated and lived their own lives till they met again after 25years in CT, USA. With a very successful career in the transportation industry, Rashid had always dreamt of running his own restaurant business. Together the ‘soulmates’ decided to start afresh in Houston, Texas and launching the restaurant business was close to their hearts.
In October’2019, they opened doors for Wings 87 in Houston, Texas, which soon became the talk of the town because of its unique, delectable sauces for chicken wings and a wide variety of burgers and grinders. Apart from regular business, the Wings87 menu is considered to be one of the best choices for corporate events, pool parties and family get-togethers. Nyn is an award-winning business leadership coach, author & speaker on women empowerment, diversity & inclusion; she continues to do her work together with extending full support to Rashid both in the expansion and day-to-day business of Wings 87.
Rashid’s vision is to spread Wings 87 within and outside the USA as a franchise model. The duo strongly believes in community service and generously supports non-profits working towards the betterment of domestic violence survivors, first responders and elimination of child trafficking.
At Wings 87, the goodness of food is a combination of Rashid’s own recipes and a thoughtful selection of every ingredient, all glazed with the love of a lifetime friendship and soul connection.

Website: www.wings87.com/
Email: info@wings87.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Wings87
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Wings875
Phone: 713 621 3128
Location: 3729, W.Alabama Street, Houston 77027