HPWO Member Spotlight




Spotlight listings are $75 and include: 

  1. Online article highlighting contribution, quotes & YOUR achievements (post-event)
  2. 1 High-Resolution Shareable Quotes branded by HPWO
  3. 2 Endorsements of Local Businesses YOU SUPPORT branded by DPW (you pick 2)
    1. YOUR Favorite Restaurant
    2. YOUR Favorite Podcast
    3. YOUR Favorite Book that you’re currently reading
    4. YOUR Favorite Gym/Health Facility
    5. YOUR Favorite Online/Local Boutique
    6. YOUR Favorite Car Dealership
    7. YOUR Home Service Provider (e.g. Electrician, Plumber, Landscaping, Air Conditioning, etc.)
    8. YOUR Favorite Happy Hour
    9. YOUR Favorite Spa
    10. YOUR Favorite Non-Profit to Support


  • Content will be published in all local Houston Area Social Media Platforms  (includes: Digital Only)
  • We reserve the right to edit your listing as needed, however, you’ll be given up to 5 business days to approve.


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