Nida Jawed


She is the Founder of Nida Jawed Life Coaching, LLC. Her practice provides mentorship, online private coaching sessions and in-person group coaching sessions in major areas of life, relationships, parenting, and performance. She has an honor of being recognized for her service and creativity by Houston Methodist West Hospital. She is a radio and you tube talk show host.  She is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and responsible individual with a proven track record of delivering excellent work ethics. Nida Jawed is a certified Life Coach with skills in Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Public Speaking, and Performance Management. Nida is blissfully married with two children.  Her personal interests include, traveling, painting, writing poetry, and spending time with her family.

Nida is an Optimistic life coach who believes in her client’s full potential and is ready to help him/her write the best story of his/her life. She is changing lives with her professionalism and services that are designed to put clients first. She does not believe in cookie cutter methodology, thus her approach is catered towards her client’s individual needs. She makes it her mission to help her clients overcome roadblocks and challenges resulting in a harmoniously aligned life.

“Let’s write your best story, together.” -Nida Jawed

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Contact: (469)609-0870