Nazia Khan

Nazia Khan is a stay at home mom of two boys and the proud owner of her brand “that mompreneur. A counselor by career with a mental health background, Nazia had to resign from her position and come back home to take care of her younger son with special needs. She found herself angry, depressed and defeated when she realized that her career and education were slowly wasting away due to her circumstances. Nazia decided to use that energy as fuel and tapped into the world of network marketing and the work from home industry after realizing the tremendous amount of success for women in the industry. Nazia’s mission has become to help women find their happiness back by helping them achieve their health and wealth goals through this amazing industry of network marketing. Nazia is actively looking to grow her business so if or anyone you know is struggling with weight loss, energy, mood, or would like to find a way to make some extra money by working from your phone, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Cell :       (832)672 1146