Nahida Ebrahim

Born in London, England and raised in Houston, Texas Nahida Ebrahim- Colina’s knew it was time to make some changes. Since childhood, she enjoyed dancing and entertaining people. As she performed in local school events and cultural functions, she knew what she wanted to do but kept her loved ones first.
She loved planning birthdays, enjoyed dinners, hooked up friends who are still married successfully today, and school projects which lead her to plan for parties and events herself. Having gone to college at the University of Houston she pursued her career in Human Resources. She began her career in Corporate America working as a Global Recruiting Human Resources Professional. She loves to work in Oil and Gas and takes the time to listen to network and meet individuals seeking career opportunities where she can assist. However, during the early stages of her career, she knew inside that her passion for design along with her fascination for art was more than just working in the corporate world.
Nahida likes to plan proposals for couples who want to surprise their significant others. Over the years her expertise has been sought after from some of Houston’s top corporate companies such as oil and gas companies down to celebrities, and as her clientele expands, so does her desire to event derivatives.
Nahida’s insight and designs have been exceptional for religious ceremonies, birthdays, charities, weddings, and company events and even house parties.Event Planning can be overwhelming when doing it alone. However, she is a natural who is professionally trained and certified in partnering with her professionalism in the client’s needs and desires to make it into reality.
Please feel free to say a simple hello and get more details on the information you may need for your event from Nahida. We look forward to working with each and every client.
Cell :         (832) 713 0807