Misbah Choudhri


Meet with Misbah Choudhri

Misbah Choudhri is the only one in the Houston metro area with her unique credentials of D& D ( Dietitian & Designer)
Misbah being both a designer and a dietitian has expertise in designing your insides and outs meaning she makes you your healthier fit better self as well as transform your surroundings to aesthetically beautiful space. She has been designing in the upscale Galleria for the past 10 years both in the commercial and residential arena such as medical clinics, law offices, and flourishing business –

Alongside interior designing Misbah for the past 15 years has been running her own dietetic practice called Nourish Medical Nutrition Therapy. Currently, she is ventured out as a nutritionist at profile by Sanford top 164th Fortune 500 franchise for weight loss companies in the US. Profile by Sanford provides Nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching to help members lose weight and keep it off. The profile was developed by physicians, dietitians and researchers to take the guesswork out of a healthy lifestyle Change Misbah Choudhri completed her BS undergraduate degree and Masters in Nutritional science at Texas A&M, College.
She was inspired in this field at the young age of 16 due to her father’s serious medical condition. She helped him by completely changing his diet and lifestyle. He lived for 40 years whereas he was only given 5 years maximum to live, being a heart transplant recipient. Now, Misbah has made her career into the passion of her life by helping people live life to their optimal health by focusing on the power of Nutrition and active lifestyle.

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