Lubna Elahi

Meet Dr. Lubna Elahi! She is a Board Certified Aesthetic medicine Family physician. She is the founder of Revivify Medical Spa in January 2017. At Revivify art and science come together through medical grade aesthetic treatments and cutting edge technology. She Starts ed career an as Board Certified Family physician in 1994.
Her husband is a physician as well, and she has 2 beautiful daughters & a son.
She is a Member the of American Academy of Family physicians & American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She has arranged many fundraisers in past and have volunteered with TCF and ICNA on top of her Relief efforts during hurricane .
Her treatments use body’s own biological, reactive processes to stimulate new tissue growth and rejuvenate the face and body by using modalities like platelet rich plasma, PDO threads, radio frequency heat, ultrasound, bio identical hormones and more. In doing so, you can grow hair, reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, treat acne, remove hair, remove fat and cellulite, rejuvenate the sexual areas and balance your hormones and help with weight loss.
Dr Lubna Elahi is very proud to be helping you all out in reinventing your health and natural beauty. As we age and the daily stresses of life take a toll on our bodies, we change physically, mentally and emotionally. Our changing bodies can be a huge source of insecurity and cause lack of confidence in ourselves. She started this spa because she wanted to help people regain confidence and take pride in their own beauty. Her treatments are designed to help you jump start your body’s own capabilities and bring back your inner beauty to keep you looking and feeling forever young and healthy inside and out.

Contact: (409) 767-0552