Kamini Shankar

I’m Kamini Shankar. My journey towards wellness started in a dark place of health issues, obesity, chronic pain, diabetes, and depression.
In an attempt to get my health back so I can be there for my son, I embarked on a journey toward clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. Today, I stand before you, 75 pounds lighter, and a whole lot stronger!
My successful journey towards better health helped me learn the true path to sustainable health. And once i realized this, I couldn’t wait to help other women realize the same! This drive helped me get licensed as a fitness instructor and wellness coach. I now teach group fitness classes for women at my studio and online. I work to help them discover a better version of themselves, providing them with a practical approach to be happier, healthier and stronger!
While this journey has helped me rediscover a new me and it has taken me places I had never imagined were possible like winning an International pageant title representing my home country of India, my true purpose in life lies in helping others achieve health and wellness.
Through this journey, I’ve identified my purpose to help others rediscover the strength and power they harbor within and empower them with the tools and techniques to succeed in leading a fulfilling life of health and happiness.
Founder, FabFit Studio LLC.
Ms International 2019