Judit German-Heins

I am a professional photographer, shooting for over 40 years. My father was a photographic artist and he gave me my first film camera when I was about 8 years old. Although, I had a detour getting my main college and graduate education in the geosciences, after working as a geologist for about 10 years, I returned to my true passion and started my business as a professional photographer.

The most I love about photography is the connection with people. After shooting mainly portraiture for years, I shifted my interest to story-session based Personal Brand Photography, where I can build a long-lasting relationship with my entrepreneurs and influencers. I offer a subscription-based service to my selected clients where I get to know their business, their background and their marketing goals and in each quarter I spend an entire work-day with them. We create 3 personal stories together in pictures that best portray their business, so they can connect easily with their audience through social media or in written publication. I provide them with enough digital photos for 3 month to post even every day if they wish. I only take a limited number of clients so I can give my full attention to my “tribe” and help them develop and maintain their personal brand. In my experience the best photos are taken when we get to know our clients, so they can relax in front of the camera and they can show their real personality.

I am also a photographic artist. I use my art to tell stories of people about social injustice. I use an old photographic technique called wet plate collodion from the 1850s where I take photos on an aluminum plate using real silver chemistry (tintype). One of my projects “Women of Faith” portrays women who cover their head for religious purposes. I started this project after the 2016 elections when Muslim women and mosques were attacked and Jewish cemeteries were vandalized.
My other project is about refugees, using the same technique. I started this project, when my home country, Hungary, closed the border in front of Syrian refugee in 2015. My outrage led me to volunteer for two refugee agencies in Houston (Interfaith Ministries Refugee Services and Amaanah Refugee Services) and then decided on a project about humanizing refugees using the wet plate collodion process.

Contact: (281)908-1027