Berkha started off her career very early on.  At the age of seventeen, she was a student of the Fine Arts and had always shown tendencies to work with creative arts.  From the get go she fell in love with the instant transformation that comes with makeup application. First she started working with her friends and family. Soon, Instead of becoming an artist who paints fine art, she changed her course of her work only to realize she enjoyed having a face as a canvas even more. She is known for her unique, adventurous and innovative make-up techniques. She has a special talent for using bold hues with tremendous skills. Berkha’s talent is limitless. Her ambitious mindset enables her boundless creativity and diverse range for always creating unique looks. Her inspiration lies within the reinvention of makeup and experimentation. With it, she managed to find that fusion between western and South-Asian styles for brides.

We are trained in many different areas of makeup, from a subtle, natural look all the way to a red-carpet glam look. We work closely with our clients to establish a finished look that they love.

Professional Treatment:

From the moment our clients walk in our door to the finishing touch of powder, we provide an experience that makes every individual feel special. Our motivation is to make sure every client feels happy and confident in their own skin!

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

we want You to be completely happy with our business during your bridal makeup appointment and also with your finished look! Our goal is to provide a fun environment while helping you look fabulous for your special event.

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