Areesha Siddiqui


Areesha Siddiqui is a young Houston based self- taught makeup artist and entrepreneur with the passion to have her very own make-up studio in the near future. Her passion and love for makeup go back many years. It all started when she witnessed her mom getting all glammed up by the Chanel and Mac makeup artists at the mall. The idea of being able to create different looks with the stroke of the brush got embedded in her brain and built a passion for creation.

She started experimenting with makeup at the early age of 13. Over the years she developed an artistic eye and learned the skill to translate elaborate concepts into reality. She has a natural ability to enhance, manipulate and beautify looks. She always keeps herself abreast of the latest runway trends, techniques used by famous makeup artist and styles. At present, due to her hard work and peer appraisal, she is a licensed cosmetologist, running a very successful makeup line called Glam by Aree and a diamond jewelry business named Areesha Jewelers. She hopes to start her very own makeup studio once she is done with her Business Marketing degree from the University of Houston.

Contact: 832 239 2790