Afifa Khaliq


She is a strategic thinker, a program developer that provides social development solutions, a communicator and a collaborator. Thematic issues that she has worked on range from racial injustices, women empowerment,  to challenging the socio-economic norms that maintain the status quo and perpetuates injustices. Her development project on women rights won international recognition.

Prior to that, she had worked as a journalist and also taught journalism. She has a Master’s degree in Mass Communications with a special focus on Development Support Communications. She joined SEIU FPSU in 2011 as State Director for the Fair Economy Campaign. Since that time she has been a part of a creative core team that is setting new trends and redefining labor, politics, economy and social justice.

 Afifa also sits on the board of Florida Immigrant Coalition and is a founding member and secretary of the South Florida Muslim Federation. She is an unapologetic and proud Muslim, married, blessed with a son and lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.