The Houston Professional Women’s Organization (HPWO) began with the concept to feature distinguished women leaders from the Houston community and to acknowledge their hard work and personal contributions. These women are doing excellent work in their fields and making a difference with their work and potential.  No other organization in Houston has an assembly of such an extraordinary network of South Asian women to exchange ideas, to learn, to inspire, and to build a better leadership for a changing world.

The HPWO is also dedicated to supporting the advancement of youth members in our community. We celebrate and support our youth members in achieving their goals and advancing their careers by noting their accomplishments and contributions to the community. Most notably, each year we will be presenting a “Women of Prestige” award to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the community corporate, government and academic sectors. We will also present an award for “Best Entrepreneur/Achiever” for up-and-coming youth, acknowledging their accomplishments in their respective fields. At our annual awards ceremony, HPWO women entrepreneurs and individuals will be given a chance to share how they got their start in their business or professional field. The answers they provide will reveal the deep motivations and personal qualities that drove them to make their big idea a reality. Young entrepreneurs and individuals will get ideas as to how these professionals grew their businesses over the years. My goal in founding this organization, is for all women to identify a similar entrepreneurial spirit, within themselves. As a member, you will become a part of this vibrant network of women and benefit from building valuable connections, learning from, and investing in amazing Houston women.